In a world where customers, companies, and clients are constantly feeling the need for speed, the SD-WAN strategy could be the key to success.
GDPR Compliance Guide
A third of the companies surveyed said they’re prepared for the Global Data Protection Regulation changes, only about 2% were found to be realistically GDPR compliant... is #GDPR haunting your business?
The Silent Generation: Why Millennials are Talking Less
As the generation of digital natives, it seems that today's millennials are talking less, and communicating more through silent mediums, like text.
Comparing Small Business Phone Systems – the devil is in the detail
Navigating the world of phone systems for your small business? Here’s a quick guide to systems available in 2018.
Comparing UCaaS Features
I thought it might be useful to list my top 100 cloud phone system features to look out for when selecting a new cloud based unified communications (UC) platform for your business / also known as Cloud PBX or UCaaS (unified communications as a service).