Yealink CP960

Yealink CP960 Review – Everything You Need to Know about this Cool Conference Phone

When shooting a video production for Yealink on their latest conference phone, I got to know more about the model and its unique capabilities.
Voice Search

Search is changing and Voice AI is the front runner

Google has had the monopoly for so long now that it's beyond synonymous with search, it is search. However, deep from the...
Artificial Intelligence

Should You Trust AI For your Content Marketing Strategy?

We've all seen that artificial intelligence is growing more popular in today's digital space, but can you rely on it for your content marketing strategy?
The Future of Work: Life as a Digital Worker

The Future of Work: Life as a Digital Worker

The 9-to-5 work environment is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today's professionals are free, connected, and flexible. It's time for companies to embrace the change.
Comparing Small Business Phone Systems – the devil is in the detail

Comparing Small Business Phone Systems – the devil’s in the detail beware

Navigating the world of phone systems for your small business? Here’s a quick guide to systems available in 2018.
Internet of Things

Defining IoT: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Going?

As the world becomes more focused on the collaboration between interconnected devices, what should we expect from the Internet of Things?

Hushme: Your Solution for Voice Protection on Smart Phones

Hushme is a brand-new smartphone gadget designed to transform your voice during calls. Here's everything you need to know about the innovation.
Unified Communications #UC

Pardon Me, Have you Heard of #UC?

The workplace as we knew it is long gone. As we move towards a future of mobility and versatility, it's time to get to know UC.

The Magic of CPaaS: What Is It, and What Does It Mean to You?

Introducing the amazing world of Communications Platforms as a Service, here's everything you need to know about the magic of CPaaS.
Comparing UCaaS Features

Top 100 UCaaS Features – what to look out for when buying a Cloud...

I thought it might be useful to list my top 100 cloud phone system features to look out for when selecting a new cloud based unified communications (UC) platform for your business / also known as Cloud PBX or UCaaS (unified communications as a service).

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