Safe Messaging - Collaboration Tools in Business

Safe Messaging – What’s Leaking Outside of Your Office?

As UC and new technology continues to evolve, there's a good chance that criminals will look for even more ways to exploit the digital world. In fact, research suggests that 2.8 billion customer records were stolen by the end of 2017 - a number that may triple within five years.
GDPR Compliance Guide

The Ultimate GDPR Survival Guide: 6 Steps to Success

A third of the companies surveyed said they’re prepared for the Global Data Protection Regulation changes, only about 2% were found to be realistically GDPR compliant... is #GDPR haunting your business?
iphone 10 year anniversary

10 Years of Evolution: How the Apple iPhone Changed the World

Over the last decade, the iPhone has changed the way we see and interact with the world. It's time to celebrate Apple's incredible achievement.

SDN versus NFV: Hit the nail on the head

Network Function Virtualisation and Software-defined networking are two complicated, but important elements of the networking industry.
Top 10 Killer reasons to consider Team Collaboration Software

Top 10 Killer reasons to consider Team Collaboration Software

I've been thinking about the TOP 10 reasons why Team #Collaboration apps are taking off right now - I thought of 9, can you name the 10th?
Unified Communications 2018

BIG #UCOMS News in 2018

We thought 2017 was a big year in Unified Communications! 2018 has in fact kicked off to be just as interesting. Here's a list of notable happenings in the first half of 2018. I'll update it as I go along..
Internet of Things

Defining IoT: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Going?

As the world becomes more focused on the collaboration between interconnected devices, what should we expect from the Internet of Things?
Virtual Reality Workplace

Meet You at The Top of Mount Fuji at 9am for the Sales Meeting

We've all dreamt of a future where we can work wherever and however we like. VR technology could be the next step in making that dream a reality.
Blockchain technology

The Blockchain Journey: From the Finance Stream to the Mainstream

As "Blockchain" emerges as a buzzword throughout the business space, there's a great deal of confusion about what this technology really means for the investors of today.
Xero Review

Xero Review – Top 10 Reasons I dumped Sage

As one of the most popular pieces of accounting software on the market, Xero has plenty of different benefits to offer those in need of financial guidance. Here's why I love Xero and dumped Sage.

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