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G Suite versus Office 365 – No Competition?

Both Google and Microsoft's productivity suites offer plenty of awesome applications, great storage solutions, and user interfaces. But which one's right for you?
Jabra Speak 710 Review

My New Jabra Speak 710 Just Arrived

My new personal speakerphone just arrived and I've been using with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams - check out my Jabra Speak 710 review
Amazon to acquire Slack?

Slack Success: How is the Collaboration App Worth $9 Billion to Amazon?

It's fair to say that Slack has seen some phenomenal growth over the years - but how much is it really worth, and is all the hype justified?
Microsoft Teams review

Five Reasons I use Microsoft Teams

In a world where everyone seems to be competing for the best collaboration app, choosing the right one for you is all about exploring the features. Here's my Microsoft Teams review
Pear Shaped

It’s all Going Pear-Shaped: Time to Switch to Cloud Comms?

Things aren't going right for your on-premise systems? Now might be the time to change your approach to communications.
iphone 10 year anniversary

10 Years of Evolution: How the Apple iPhone Changed the World

Over the last decade, the iPhone has changed the way we see and interact with the world. It's time to celebrate Apple's incredible achievement.
Team Collaboration

We’re All in the Same Office, We Don’t Need to Collaborate

Think you don't need collaboration apps just because you share the same office? Think again. There's a lot more to team solutions than just messaging.
Best Team Apps for Business

Top 10 Team Apps for Business

With the right collaboration tools, teams spend less time lost in emails, and more time being productive. But which app is right for your business?
Unified Communications #UC

Pardon Me, Have you Heard of #UC?

The workplace as we knew it is long gone. As we move towards a future of mobility and versatility, it's time to get to know UC.
What is Digital Transformation?

Easy Peasy Digital Transformation?

When it comes to hot topics, few things sizzle more than the concept of digital transformation. But what does this complicated term actually mean?

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