Keyword Research

Keyword research is something that every business needs to learn about when creating a content strategy online. The world of content has evolved, and ranking at the top of the search engine lists means understanding how to write the most effective posts. On-page SEO can help you to take your marketing to the next level, however, it all starts with selecting the right keywords.

Using the right keywords means ensuring that you’re ranking for the terms your customers are searching for. This means that you’re actively placing yourself in the path of your customers. So, how do you get started?

What is Keyword Research?

Simply put, keyword research is the process of identifying keywords, which get a great amount of search volume every month. The idea of performing research is to find not only the keywords that give you the best traffic, but also the ones that offer less competition.

By conducting thorough keyword research, you should be able to find terms and phrases that drive targeted, niche traffic to your website. This means that you’ll be attracting the people most likely to buy from you. Similarly, when you’re targeting a small space, keyword research might help you to find additional words that you didn’t know you were missing out on. This is a great way to drive more lucrative traffic to your website.

Using the Right Tools for Keyword Research

If keyword research sounds a little complicated, the good news is that there are lots of tools out there that can help to make it simpler. For instance, Google Keyword tool can help to give you a traffic estimation for target keywords, while making it easier to discover new niche words.

Typically, if you’re just getting started with keyword research, your best option is to start with Google instant search. In other words, you start typing a word or phrase that relates to your company into the search bar and see what comes up. This is a great way to generate new ideas, and though you might not use all the results you get, you can at least begin the brainstorming process.

Once you’ve got an idea of your keywords, you can place them into a search tool and access details for relevant keyword ideas. This will help you to find additional terms that you can target in the same, or subsequent content marketing posts.

Finally, once you have identified potential keywords, you’ll need to check for competition, or “keyword difficulty”. This simply means looking at how hard it is to rank for specific keywords. You can use SEMRUSH to check keyword competition, and find related keywords too.

Keyword Research is Only the First Step

Keyword research is only the first step when it comes to creating the perfect online marketing strategy. It’s important to remember that the magic truly begins with your content. Developing valuable content around your chosen terms and phrases will help you to build authority and trust in your niche, limiting bounce rate, and improving the average time customers spend on your website.