Content Marketing

A content marketer is someone who needs to make use of several disciplines to deliver great results for a company. For many people, a working definition of a content marketer might be:

“Someone who is responsible for creating, managing, and sharing crucial content to seduce and convert leads into customers, and clients into repeat buyers.”

This means that if a content marketer is the key to marketing incredible content, they need to think about all the elements that are involved with marketing, including identifying and developing a product, setting a price, finding a “place”, or distribution channel, and executing a promotional strategy.

What Makes a Good Content Marketer?

With this in mind, the average content marketing experience would present content as the product, email addresses, payment, and more as the price, and a blog or website as the place. Of course, the promotion aspect would be described by however your content marketer shares your product.

In other words, content marketing is a simple-enough process, but there are a lot of differences between a great content marketer, and an average one. Ultimately, every content marketer should have five core skills, which we’ll address right now.

1.     The Ability to Tell Stories

Now, your average content marketer might not be a narrator or author, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an eye for a story. Great content marketers know that consumers connect more emotionally with stories, and therefore know how to craft one for your company. The best marketing stories involve goals, heroes, mentors, and morals.

A content marketer will use stories to give your brand substance and help your customers get to know what drives you on a deeper level. This profound connection will help customers to trust you, making it easier for you to sell to them.

2.     A Sound Strategy

Incredible content marketers don’t just do things at random. Instead, they understand the needs of an organisation based on their existing goals and objectives and creates a strategy to take them closer to their ambitions.

Content marketers understand the call for buyer personas and will create them, when necessary. They also understand how to audit websites to fix old, neglected, and broken content, while researching wherever necessary to get the most accurate data.

3.     Incredible Writing Skills

It’s impossible to be a great content marketer without amazing writing skills. Often, content marketers aren’t just responsible for managing strategies and storytelling, they’ll also design content for infographics, eBooks, websites, and blogs too. It’s useful to hire someone who’s perfect at writing for the web, and possesses traits such as:

  • A great understanding of copywriting (content marketing and copywriting are not the same things)
  • A fantastic understanding of social media
  • A knowledge of website usability and navigation
  • An in-depth knowledge of SEO

4.     Social Media Strategies

Content marketers also understand the unique elements of social media. Social media is one of the best ways for companies to promote content these days, and it’s also a source of content sharing in itself.

Some content marketers even make social media their speciality, in an attempt to meet the rising demand that has emerged with new and exciting platforms. However, most content marketers will simply master a couple of platforms, while maintaining a good understanding of others.

5.     Subscription Solutions

Finally, content marketers understand the value of building what’s known as “subscription assets”, including private community memberships and email subscriber lists. Content marketers won’t just write the content for these models, but they’ll also understand exactly how each one works.

Your content marketer can even help you to manage, and measure each model to ensure that you’re always updating and upgrading your strategy according to the needs and preferences of your audience.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Ultimately, content marketers have the skills to keep your company ahead of the competition when it comes to making an impact online. These experts stay ahead of customer desires and build an audience for a company that gives them constant access to new solutions for success.