Article Writing Service

Anyone who’s spent any time researching the world of online business knows that content marketing is the way to go when it comes to generating brand awareness and traffic. Content marketing can save you money, and give you huge advantages over traditional advertising methods. The only problem is that creating the right amount of content takes a lot of time and effort.

Hubspot tells us that higher article frequency leads to better traffic and leads, but if you’re spending all of your time writing whitepapers, blogs, and designing infographics, you won’t have any time to actually run your business. So, what’s the answer? A professional article writing service. These services take the stress off your shoulders by delivering the content you need without the hassle. Here are just ten reasons why you should consider using one today.

1.     More Leads for your Company

All businesses want to make a profit – that’s the point of being in business. Outsourcing your content creation efforts to experienced writers can help you to get more sales and leads than if you created the content on your own. After all, these people know what they’re doing. Plus, since they’re writing the content for you, you can typically create and publish more content than you would have been able to alone.

2.     Build Brand Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of an article writing service is that it can help to boost your search engine rankings and build backlinks for your company. Using an article writing service can help you to access some of the biggest advantages of content marketing when it comes to improving awareness for your company.

3.     Show Expertise

Effective and valuable content writers are often experts in their field. When you outsource content to these professionals, you can borrow their experience and knowledge to improve your business’s image in a specific industry. A team of content writers is also better equipped to stay abreast of the latest news in your industry, so you can always be one step ahead of the competition.

4.     It’s a Time-Saver

Let’s face it, outsourcing your content writing efforts to a professional means that you get more time to focus on other aspects of running your business. There’s more to having a successful company than constantly writing blogs, after all. With a professional writing service, you keep churning out valuable content, while staying on top of the rest of your business tasks too.

5.     It’s Faster than Doing it yourself

Take a moment to look at your editorial calendar, and what you’re going to need to do if you want consistent results. You’re going to need to research new content every other day, gather materials for that content, and then write the pieces to a high standard. In the time that it might take to do all those things, you could be building your business.

6.     Maximise your Strategies

One of the best things you can do improve your content marketing efforts is maximise your resources wherever possible. Outsourced article writing can help with this because your content marketers know how to use inbound and outbound links in your content. They can also use, and re-use articles in other ways while using existing content to build a momentum for future posts.

7.     They’re Flexible

The great thing about most article writing services is that you can either hire them for the long-term or simply hire them for a single project. If you’re not sure that you can keep up with your content strategy one month, you can reach out to content writers, and give them a test run to see how effective they are for your business.

8.     You Own Everything

When you purchase the services of a content marketing company, you own the rights to all the articles that they create. That means that you have the power to edit or publish the content in any way that you see fit.

9.     You Can Create Custom Articles

Outsourcing your content is only a useful solution for your business if you can get authentically valuable, original, and high-quality articles. The best article-writing services will always deliver custom and well-researched articles that suit the needs of your company.

10. Revisions are Included

Finally, if you write an article and find that it needs to be revised at a later date, then you’re going to need to spend extra time and money. However, when you outsource your article writing needs to a content marketing service, you get revisions included in the price agreed for the project, saving you time and effort.