Keyword Research

Any great marketing campaign always starts with research.

Research helps you to build your understanding of your current marketplace, and the efforts that you can take to connect more authentically with your audience. With the right keyword research, you can ensure that you rank for the right terms on search engine pages, effectively taking your organic traffic to the next level.

Since most internet users will never venture beyond the first results page on Google when it comes to finding the answer they want, you need to make sure that you’re ranking high if you don’t want to miss out to your competitors. Here, I’m going to show you why getting your keyword research right is so important when it comes to earning those crucial rankings.

1.     Engage your Audience

Content marketing is all about creating posts that are relevant and valuable to your audience. One of the best ways to understand your audience is to learn which keywords and phrases are delivering them to your website. Figure out what captures the interest of your audience, and you’ll be able to adjust your content strategy accordingly to earn bigger better results.

2.     Increase Conversions

Relevant content doesn’t just attract more visitors, it also attracts leads that are more likely to convert into customers. After all, if you’re pulling in people that are actively engaged by your content, you can rest assured that they’re probably not going to click into your website, just to hit the back button. Relevant content leads to relevant customers, and that means more profits for you.

3.     Increase Market Insight

Analysing the keywords that you use can also offer unique insights into your current marketing trends and the behaviour of your ideal customers. Keep updated on what’s important and popular among your audience, and use that to ensure that your content is on point.

4.     Prioritise your Time

The last thing you want to do is waste time and money on creating content that’s based on keywords that do nothing for your bottom line. Content should be a solution for improving engagement with your audience and generating success for your business. Knowing which content works means designing more time, and cost-effective strategies.

5.     Expand your Long-Tail Information

Using careful keyword research can help you to discover other keyword queries that improve your long-tail efforts. Long-tail keywords are often more effective than shorter terms because they’re more competitive. According to experts, long-tail search campaigns actually make up about 70% of search traffic.

6.     Improve Keyword Placement

Finally, it’s worth noting that finding the right keywords for your audience is just one piece of the puzzle. Once you’re done searching, you need to make sure that you’re placing your keywords in the right areas to generate success. Proper keyword placement means using the right terms throughout your content, page title, URL, alt text, and more.

When it comes to keywords, you should never waste time or effort trying to guess what’s going to appeal to your audience. A keyword analysis can help give you the resources you need to restructure and improve your marketing campaign, for greater results.