Twitter Radar - Twitter Influencers

At the close of 2016, Twitter released a report showcasing the 10 biggest marketing changes to take place in 2017. They believed that real-time engagement and data analytics would be a big deal, but strangely, they didn’t pay much attention to influencers.

The truth is that many brands underestimate the value that influencers can bring to their company. As customers begin to trust the thoughts and opinions of social media celebrities more than they trust the claims of big-name brands, it’s important to connect with influencers if you want consumer loyalty.

Working with an influencer is like getting a high-five from the cool kids at school when you’re desperately looking for popularity. It gives you authority, helps you to appear more credible, and attracts a whole new range of customers your way. So, how do you get on an influencer’s radar?

1.     Start by Identifying the Right People

When it comes to building your following through influencers, not just any celebrity will do. You’ll need to think about which people in your niche have already established a significant Twitter following, and which are most likely to give you the best results.

Keep in mind, while some thought leaders might have a large following on social media, they may not be maintaining the trust of their audience very well. Make sure that you do your research into any influencer you’re considering working with before you reach out.

2.     Start with Influencers that Know You

It’s much easier to work with an influencer that has already reached out to your brand in some way, than one that’s never heard of your company. Consider looking at your Twitter analytics to figure out who’s interacting with you, and who you can work with to expand your brand following.

If you notice any influencers who have already supported your brand, make sure that you reach out and thank them for their support. If they get back in touch, it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

3.     Ask Specific Questions

When you’re reaching out to influencers, make sure that you don’t just instantly jump in and beg them to help with your brand. Instead, ask questions that show you’re acknowledging your chosen influencer’s expertise. Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation.

Try to keep your questions simple, and make sure that they can answer you in 140 characters or less. Additionally, don’t ask simple questions that your audience would otherwise expect you to know the answer to. This could end up damaging your reputation, rather than improving your credibility.

4.     Don’t be Shy

Finally, if you’re running a new campaign, remember that Twitter influencers can be valuable allies in the process of connecting with your audience. Make sure that you take the initiative and reach out to them for help, but ensure that you already have a relationship with them first.

The best approach is usually to send over a simple tweet that mentions you’re working on a new campaign and would benefit from their assistance. Just remember that you should already have a campaign goal in mind before you reach out.