LinkedIn Marketing B2B

Although most people commonly use LinkedIn as a form of networking platform for job-seekers and professionals, it’s also capable of doing more for your brand than you might think. There are countless ways to grow your business and your market through the right use of content and networking.

By the first quarter of 2016, LinkedIn had already reached an audience of over 420 million users. That means that if you want to expand your reach to other companies in your customer base, then you need to be willing to reconsider your LinkedIn strategy. Here are some tips for how to use LinkedIn for your B2B efforts.

1.     Use Targeted Content

Professionals on LinkedIn will only bother to work with people that are relevant to their industry. When you create content that your connections want to see, they’re far more likely to engage with your brand and become advocates for your company, sharing your ideas with others. In other words, make sure that you target your content to the right audience.

2.     Improve Organic Visibility

Posts and company pages that are created through LinkedIn pulse are indexed by Search engines. This means that when you improve your company profile and post regularly, you get a fantastic boost in search visibility and unique visitor traffic from an organic perspective.

3.     Make the Most of Thought Leadership

If your business uses a dedicated sales team, then introduce them to your marketing strategy. Encourage your sales team to share innovative content with customers and prospects. This will help to increase the authority and influence of your brand online and give you the boost that you need to start earning trust from your customers.

4.     Try Storytelling

Each year, consumers online see around 5 trillion advertisements. That means that the average web user is bored of traditional marketing. If you want to make an impression, then you need to do something with a bit of soul. Storytelling gives your company a human background, which makes it easier to engage with and relate to. Make sure you include images, videos, and infographics to really capture people’s attention.

5.     Be More Human

Customers, either in the form of individuals or big businesses, always prefer to work with other humans. Making sure that you don’t appear as a faceless brand can be a great way to develop engagement amongst your audience. Show behind-the-scenes glimpses into your company, and use your employees to show the human aspects of your marketing strategy.

6.     Build your Leads

As your presence on LinkedIn continues to grow, you’ll be able to start leveraging user-generated content to enhance your brand. The vendors and customers you worked with previously could offer testimonials to work as social proof for your company and build some extra value for your organisation. Remember, any testimonial can be a huge advantage when it comes to getting your customers to trust you.

7.     Grow Your List

Content sharing and direct engagement through LinkedIn will constantly improve the amount of trust your followers have in you. This makes it much easier for you to reach out to your network and ask them to join your email list. The bigger your email list becomes, the more potential leads you have to start growing your profit margins.

8.     Build Visibility within Groups

There are plenty of benefits for marketers to consider when it comes to using LinkedIn Groups. For instance, you can engage with other groups in your marketplace to create new connections and launch your own group with ties to your company to improve authority and visibility within your industry space.

9.     Get a Competitive Advantage

Over 90% of B2B marketers are now using LinkedIn to distribute and share content. When you begin to market with LinkedIn, you’ll be able to closely monitor the strategies that your competitors use, and figure out how they’re serving content. This should help you to identify trends and opportunities where you can grow your own brand.

10. Pinpoint Decision makers

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn is that it provides companies with a lot of data. This can make it easier for you to find and engage the perfect audience for your company. When you promote organic content or use paid promotional tools to sponsor your content, make sure that you try to reach the decision makers for each campaign you run.