Huddle Rooms

Walk into the modern office of today, and you’re sure to find plenty of open space, chill-out zones, and even games rooms. This all might seem a little crazy, but when you think about some of the top performing businesses in the world, like       Google, Apple, and Facebook, you’ll realise that some of the most-loved products in the planet were built from hammocks and relaxed team environments.

In the past, businesses often focused on kitting out a key meeting room with all the right technology in the name of innovation. However, today’s companies are focusing more on inspiring a culture of creativity and innovation with smaller areas that are designed to help new ideas get off the ground. These spaces are called “huddle rooms”.

For those who are new to the party, a “huddle room” is simply a small meeting space that encourages people to meet easily and discuss ideas, or collaborate on content. These rooms are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and here, I’m going to show you five reasons why you should embrace your own.

1.     Huddle Rooms are Quick and Easy

The whole point behind huddle rooms is that they make communication and collaboration more convenient for teams of all shapes and sizes. By nature, huddle rooms are inherently more accessible, and generally have a less formal procedure for booking, so that people can simply walk in and share their ideas.

In the past, enterprise organisations were full of boardrooms that involved a long booking procedure, and a long list of teams just waiting for a chance to use the right technology. However, huddle rooms can be implemented in various places throughout the office, for spontaneous, quick, and efficient meeting environments.

2.     Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

Remote workers are becoming increasingly common in today’s work environment. After all, we’re looking at a generation that’s more focused on work/life balance than ever. As most huddle rooms are equipped with the latest in collaboration and communication technology, remote workers can always be part of the team meeting.

With huddle rooms, you can make sure that people outside of the office still feel included in the business, and can contribute new ideas from anywhere in the world. In fact, with the right technology, you can use video and whiteboards to really make everyone feel involved in the organisation.

3.     Small Groups, Big Creativity

Because huddle rooms tend to offer workers a more comfortable and informal environment for sharing ideas, they can inspire greater creativity. When people can explore concepts without worrying about what a group of twenty other people might say, they’re more likely to test the waters on ideas that they’d be too afraid to share otherwise. Huddle rooms can ensure that more people in your team get involved and share their opinion.

4.     Customisable Meeting Spaces

Every office and business is different. While some businesses will have an open-plan office and construct a huddle room as part of the general floor plan, others might reclaim one of the many offices on the floor and convert a consisting space into a huddle room. There are many advantages that come with the flexibility that huddle rooms have to offer when it comes to building your meeting rooms from scratch.

5.     They’re Cost-Effective!

Finally, it can be much cheaper for companies to build multiple huddle room spaces across a business environment, rather than having to invest in the equipment for one larger conference room. The costs will depend on the individual technology needs you might have, but the savings can be significant just by cutting down on space.