Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to make an important call, but you don’t want to disturb people nearby, or have them listen in on your conversation? A new device called “Hushme” could be the answer. It’s a personal acoustic device that fits around your mouth, and works to keep your conversation private in the average open workspace environment.

Hushme was unveiled at the Wearable Technology Show and CES 2017, much to the appreciation of a growing number of fans. Today, it’s currently available for backing from supporters on its very own Kickstarter campaign.

Explaining Hushme

Hushme has a range of modes available, including “headset” mode, “passive” and “active”. In the normal status, Hushme linksto your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection, and you can basically use the device as a sort of hands-free headset – while listening to music or doing whatever you need to do at the same time.

In the passive voice-muffling mode, on the other hand, you can lock the Hushme device over your mouth using magnets. The passive option uses innovative insulation materials embedded within the mask, and extra-soft cushion muffs that cover the whole inner surface of the mask to keep your conversations private. At the same time, you get to ensure that people around you can’t hear what you’re saying. Don’t worry, you can replace the muffs too, either if you want to clean them, or replace some damaged muffs over time.

Finally, the “active” voice mode provided by the electronics in the headband, activates the outer speakers located around the perimeter of the mask to hide your voice, and prevent other people from listening to your conversation.

More Useful Information about Hushme

According to research conducted by the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, we typically talk at a volume of between 50 and 60 decibels. However, the insulating properties of Hushme means that your voice can be lowered to a volume of 25 decibels, helping to protect your conversations from office eavesdropping.

In the active mode, the 4 speakers on the outside of the device active, allowing the mask to produce a pre-set sound, modulated to the intensity of your voice. Basically, it hides your conversation from listeners, and keeps every meeting private – no matter where you are.

All you need to get started is the Hushme device, and a dedicated app that can synchronise with your smartphone and allow you to choose masking sounds, adjust your volume, and adapt your experience. The intensity and volume of the sounds used to mask your voice, like rain fall, ocean waves, and wind, will change according to the rhythm, volume, and pace of what you say.

Be the First to Get Your Hands on Hushme

If secure conversations are essential to your workplace experience, then Hushme could be the ideal device for you. Right now, the company needs additional backers to help make the system a reality, so if you want to be one of the first people to get your hands on this device, then you should probably head over to their Kickstarter page, pronto.