iphone 10 year anniversary

iphone 10 year anniversaryTen years ago today (the 29th of June 2017), Apple stunned the world for the first time with their introduction of the amazing iPhone. Though not the first official “smartphone” to hit the market, this was the first piece of handheld tech to really make us take notice. It left the competition in the dust and created a world where mobile became an intrinsic part of our lives.

As hard to believe as it might be – we weren’t constantly attached to our smartphones until the iPhone came to town.

Here, we’re going to look at ten exceptional ways that Apple has transformed our lives with the introduction of the iPhone – leading to the mobile boom that shapes communication today.

Long live the iPhone.

1. Instant Access to Handheld Internet

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world as a “revolutionary mobile phone”. We had no idea how true that description was. The iPhone was more than just a fancy iPod, it was a breakthrough solution for accessing the internet instantly, wherever you were.

Though it was, first and foremost, a phone – the iPhone was also so much more. By giving us handheld internet, it had a huge impact on the world, and what we considered to be possible in terms of mobile connectivity.

2. A Brand Obsession

Thanks to its incredible functionality, the iPhone encouraged more people to spend more time on their phone. Last year, people spent more time-consuming media on their smartphones than ever before. Communication now takes place over social media, and mobile connections, while browsing the internet has also overwhelmed our other entertainment habits – such as watching tv.

3. The iPhone App Store Changed Software Distribution

The Apple “App Store” was launched in 2008, with 500 apps. Now it has more than 2.1 million features available to download. With the evolution of apps, today’s consumer can transform their phone into anything they want it to be, from a map to a flashlight, video camera, or video game device. The options are endless.

4. Photography Becomes an Everyday Habit

The growth of smartphones and photo-editing applications has placed high-quality cameras into everyone’s hands – prompting the rise of Instagram models, selfies, and a constant stream of captured memories. This year, approximately 1.2 trillion photos will be taken around the world, and a large majority of those will be taken on smartphones, according to KeyPoint Intelligence market research.

5. iPhones Have Changed Sales

It’s not just the big things that have changed thanks to smartphones. Supermarket checkout lines were once a place for selling gum and candy. The idea was that people would get bored in line and look for ways to impulse buy. Now, however, we’re spending so much time on our phones that we don’t need to reach for a pack of gum – leading to sales reductions of 15% since 2007.

6. The Advertising Industry Has Transformed

In the world of advertising, we invest wherever the eyeballs are. Not only is the internet changing the way that we use traditional forms of advertising like television, but the world of internet advertising itself is also growing – thanks to the iPhone. Research suggests that mobile advertising expenditure will surpass desktop marketing this year.

7. iPhone Have Even Changed How People Work

The trend for “on-demand” working can be traced back to the iPhone too. Though it began in the 1990s with the first internet boom, the numbers of remote workers didn’t become substantial until smartphones with available GPS chips and marketplace apps came into place. Currently, there are about 4 million on-demand workers in the US.

8. Apple’s Business Transformed with the iPhone

In the 2006 fiscal year, Apple generated around $1.9 billion in profit, on around $19.3 billion revenue. That profit mostly came from the Mac and the iPod. However, over the next decade, the business grew by ten times. Last year alone, it generated $45.6 billion on profits over $215.6 billion in revenue. The iPhone was responsible for around 63% of sales that year.

9. The iPhone Made Apple the Most Valuable Company in the World

In the years before the iPhone was launched, Apple was mostly struggling. Though the iPod helped to encourage growth, it was nothing compared to the potential the iPhone would bring in 2008. These days, Apple is worth more than double the amount of Exxon Mobile, and three times more than General Electric too.

10. The iPhone Gave Birth to Android

Finally, today’s iPhone has a lot of competition. Sales are shrinking, and in 2018, Apple is expected to sell only 241 million phones, compared to 4040 million for Samsung. However, it’s important to remember that it was the iPhone that made the Android ecosystem possible, inspiring the development of Samsung, and ruining old-fashioned phones like Nokia and Blackberry.

Over the years, the iPhone has changed everything we knew about communication. Ten years on, I think it’s time we all tip our hats to Apple, for what they’ve done for the mobile space.