Safe Messaging - Collaboration Tools in Business

Security problems have been all over the news lately. The summer came with “WannaCry” one of the worst ransomware outbreaks in the world. Now, statistics predict that we could lose $4 billion a year in response to digital crime.

As UC and new technology continues to evolve, there’s a good chance that criminals will look for even more ways to exploit the digital world. In fact, research suggests that 2.8 billion customer records were stolen by the end of 2017 – a number that may triple within five years. Yet, despite all this, many businesses don’t invest in enough protection for their companies. Indeed, about a quarter of organisations lack any form of cyber training.

Catch up, or Face the Consequences

Data security isn’t just an important part of business strategy from a safety perspective, but from a compliance angle too. As stricter rules and regulations enter the environment, such as the GDPR (general data protection regulation), it’s crucial for enterprises to make sure they’re taking steps towards security success. If you’re not protected by May 2018, you could be subject to fines of up to 4% global turnover.

The good news is that solutions do exist for the average business, to help them safeguard their future. One of the most important areas to look at, of course, is keeping communications secure.

Encrypting Communications

Today, more organisations than ever are investing in communication systems that can provide end-to-end encryption. As more data is shared over communications platforms and UC solutions than ever, end-to-end encryption is a powerful tool for success. This strategy gives businesses a new layer of security, keeping keys on either user’s device, to unlock the contents of private messages. Because new keys are generated for each communication, every message has its own layer of security.

This end-to-end encryption should help companies to protect crucial customer data, particularly in legal, banking, and healthcare sectors, and protect intellectual property in a growing era of ransomware. Additionally, end-to-end security safeguards internal communication, to keep business privacy secure.

Balancing Productivity with Security

The key for modern businesses is finding a security solution that combines peace of mind, with the ability to take advantage of new collaboration tools. In this aspect, not all security companies are created equal. Organisations will need to think about how reputable a communications platform is before they choose to use it as part of their business model.

For instance, recently, research discovered the presence of malware within a communications app called Sonic Spy. The app was freely available on Google Play, highlighting the need for modern businesses to perform their due diligence.

Securing the Enterprise

While collaboration is becoming a greater focus in the workplace, it’s important to make sure that a desire for UC doesn’t overshadow the need for complete security solutions. As BYOD becomes more popular in the average office, the lines between business and personal technology are blurring, meaning that companies need to take new steps to keep an eye on which apps and tools their employees are using. Trust in the wrong environment could open any workplace up to huge risks.

Importantly, the future of UC doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We can see more secure and sophisticated solutions for encryption as a way of protecting our new communications solution. However, it’s up to you, as a business to take steps to keep your data defended.