Top 10 Killer reasons to consider Team Collaboration Software

I’ve been thinking about the TOP 10 reasons why Team #Collaboration apps are taking off right now – I thought of 9, can you name the 10th?

Top 10 reasons to consider Team Collaboration Software

1. Virtual Rooms / Channels / Spaces for better team work

2. Knowledge share – search and enjoy

3. Video calls, voice calls and messaging for a better remote experience

4. Persistent chat with file sharing, GIFs (I love GIFs!) and calling functions

5. App Integration with cloud drives, CRM and critical business applications

6. Single Pane of glass – it’s all about the #UX

7. Ubiquitous (use anywhere, on any device)

8. Cloud security​ – a necessity in today’s world…

9. Guest Access for collaboration with external parties such as customers and partners.


  1. Posted on LinkedIn by James Welch – Consulting at Close Global

    #10 the absolute THIRST of employees and business leaders to be able to work in much better ways. The thirst for collaboration enablers is what is driving all collaboration technology, whether that is platforms or equipment. This thirst is so much greater than 99.9% of people think. This is why there has been a huge influx of apps, new equipment for video conferencing etc…and it’s only getting bigger and bigger. Great post, Rob.


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