“Signal” is the developer conference held for partners and vendors of Twilio products in the UK. Hosted in London on the 19th of September 2017, Signal is a single day event (it’s a 2 day event in North America) intended to cultivate inspiration and innovation, by bringing together industry leaders, big thinkers, and Twilio partners.

According to Twilio, the purpose behind the event is to explore the way the communications landscape is changing. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all begun to experience the evidence of this evolution – Twilio customer or otherwise. As new technologies appear in the marketplace almost every day, Twilio are helping their developers get ahead of the curve by giving them an insider’s view into the latest products intended to disrupt the market, and contribute to digital transformation.

I was keen to see what the conference had to offer for myself, which was why I got my hands on one of those all-important visitor tickets.

The “Signal” Focus Tracks

To help you make the most out of your event experience, Twilio helpfully organised its conference into three distinct tracks, focused on strategy, technical development, and something called “superclass”. Each of these options was intended to give attendees new ideas for engaging customers, and improving consumer experience:

  • The “Superclass” Track featured a hands-on training session that introduced Twilio developers to the tools that they could use to expand their portfolio and improve their service offering. The superclass solution was more of a self-directed track for people who wanted to choose exactly what they wanted to learn from Twilio during their time at the event.
  • The “Strategy” Track was created to give founders, CEOs, and digital leaders the resources that they needed to use Twilio products to transform the customer Basically, if you were looking for a way to improve the connections you make with your audience, then the “Strategy” track was perfect for you.
  • The “Technical” Track focused on learning how to deploy and scale Twilio solutions with real-world examples taken from developers who have already had success using Twilio’s portfolio to power better engagement. The Technical track also offered insights into the latest Twilio products.

The Power of Signal

Signal is basically Twilio’s way to give people hands-on training and innovative insights into the latest solutions they have to offer as a brand. This year’s event was all about transforming customer engagement for the age of user empowerment. Whether you were searching for better ways to communicate with customers, or you were simply hoping for more ideas for how to transform for the future, the Twilio Signal conference had something for everyone.

Featuring customers and experts who have learned how to transform companies and solve business communication problems, Twilio’s Signal conference combines networking with hands-on training and a fantastic partner expo.