Why we Need to Join the Dots of Communication

Are you on a quest to build a better workplace or workforce? What happens when you connect human and workplace needs?


  • Human needs and workplace needs don’t always align which can be catastrophic to business and employee performance
  • Too many businesses focus on connecting office workers and forget about everyone else in the workforce
  • Too many siloes exist in companies today which hinder basic human needs
  • Poor communication and collaboration can be the undoing of team performance, innovation and success

Why We Need to Connect the Dots

  • Maslow said that the need to know and the need to understand are basic biologically rooted human needs
  • Teams provide support, knowledge, feedback, collaborative thinking and social interaction
  • Team collaboration boosts performance, its a proven fact
  • The vast majority of teams get an increase in performance when taking a team-based approach to leadership, as opposed to a traditional hierarchical approach
  • When people are physically present, it’s easier to collaborate, however, this is changing. Virtual hangouts are part of the future of work.

7 Essential Human Needs

For a moment, let’s look at the seven ingredients to satisfy our basic human needs:

  1. Physiological needs — The needs for food, water, air
  2. Safety and stability needs — The needs for safe and stable environments
  3. Love and attachment needs — The needs for support, and belonging. The need for attachment to a family, group or society
  4. Truth needs — The need to know and understand the world
  5. Self-Esteem/Power — The need to feel good about oneself, to feel powerful
  6. Alignment — The need to express who you truly are. The need to actualize your inner self and potential. Human and workplace needs must align.
  7. Connection — In the words of Tony Robbins, “a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something”
Source: sociology.org

Credit: 7 Essential Human Needs – Source: sociology.org

How to Connect the Dots

  • Team collaboration technology helps with 6 out of the 7 essential human needs
  • Given that a single software platform (Facebook) is now responsible for connecting circa 2 billion people, the world is some ways is more connected than ever before
  • At its core, social media promises to connect us. It makes us feel good. It keeps us up to date with what’s happening
  • The importance of messaging and chat platforms in a crisis situation is paramount. Information can help listeners to feel safe and cope mentally. Combining the immediacy of instant messaging with groups of people, persistent chat technology facilitates real-time and real-time discussion
  • Video boosts engagement – when the pandemic hit in 2020, what did the majority of families and businesses do? What verb entered the English language that most of us had never heard of? Zoom.
  • News is important – we want to feel in the know, we like to share knowledge because it makes us feel good

Cutting Through the Communication Chaos

  • Connect the front with the back, the top with the bottom and you won’t need to measure the results, you will feel it.
  • Transparency helps to build loyalty. An open ‘team-first’ platform will instil trust which enhances collaboration
  • Bridge your teams with your customers in more immersive ways and you won’t need to worry about customer experience ever again
  • Be prepared for the next crisis, connected workforces are better together. Connecting your teams with video, messaging and calling will strengthen communal bonds.


  • If we want to improve employee engagement we need to recognise the different work styles and workplaces and the challenges they bring
  • Connecting your workforce with a feeling of community and togetherness is crucial, no matter where people are located
  • A common problem that businesses face today is that information and knowledge is siloed and they rarely communicate with each other
  • Its also important that people feel they are part of the mission, the culture and DNA.
  • Belongingness a human emotional need, whether it is family, friends, co-workers, we have an ‘inherent’ desire to belong and be an important part of something great